I regret taking this long to post. Life happens, and did a lot of life happen to us in the last few months! We decided that things weren’t hectic enough with a new baby. So in August we put an offer on a home, closed on the house in September, and moved about 3 weeks […]

For the past few years, it has been my goal to get down to a healthy weight. From the beginning, things happened that ended up distracting me. Getting married, moving three times, and then getting pregnant. Now that I have a tiny person to think about, I want to be healthy for her too. So […]

1. Getting pooped on isn’t the traumatic experience I thought it would be. Until I smell it. 2. Not everyone wants to have a conversation about cloth diapers, breast milk, or feeding schedules. 3. The human body can survive on no sleep. 4. A smile will quite literally make my day. 5. I’ve never been […]

God has been tugging at my heart for the last few weeks to write this post. After reading two friends post about very personal things going on in their lives currently, I decided to stop ignoring the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I’m not sure what writing all of this out and making it public […]

Yes, I know the title is mushy. But after you read my post, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that I wouldn’t be able to think of a better title. I came across a present that Rod had given me for Christmas 2009. We were engaged at the time, and had just only met 9 […]

Okay, so maybe we weren’t as good at keeping up the blog as we had promised! 🙂 I found myself thinking about it over the last couple of days, wondering if I should log back in and start writing on it. I’m not sure if I have anything worth writing about, or if anyone would […]

Hello all! I can’t believe we haven’t updated since December!  Time has just flown by. Rod and I are now married, and moved into our new home. ( Well new for me, not quite for Rod…although the home does have a beautiful new paint job!) Pics of the new home to come soon. I’m going […]