10 things I’ve learned since becoming a mom

1. Getting pooped on isn’t the traumatic experience I thought it would be. Until I smell it.

2. Not everyone wants to have a conversation about cloth diapers, breast milk, or feeding schedules.

3. The human body can survive on no sleep.

4. A smile will quite literally make my day.

Like this one

5. I’ve never been more interested in someone’s bodily functions. Or keep track of them.

6. I’ve discovered a new talent: washing and sterilizing bottles.

7. I now consider washing and sterilizing bottles a talent.

8. The infant swing is a gift from God.

9. I can go over 12 hours without peeing ( see how much I talk about bodily functions?)

10. I wouldn’t trade any of these experiences. For anything.




One comment

  1. LOL!! Although you already did tend to talk about bodily functions 😛

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