Our Love Story

Yes, I know the title is mushy. But after you read my post, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that I wouldn’t be able to think of a better title.

I came across a present that Rod had given me for Christmas 2009. We were engaged at the time, and had just only met 9 months before that ( it was very much a whirl-wind romance! ) We met in March, and started talking in April. Since he lived 10 hours away, our friendship started over Facebook…writing wall posts to each other and then eventually messages. ( the emails were so long that facebook would break them up into three or four messages!) After we started dating in May, we begun to take turns writing ” good morning” emails to each other in the morning, and would then write back and forth during the day. That went on all the way until a couple of days before our wedding.

So, for Christmas of 2009, Rod presented me with a notebook. A plastic binder that you would buy to organize your school projects in. However, this notebook contained page after page of our wall posts, emails, and messages to each other. Anything that we wrote to each other over the course of our engagement was in this book.

Starting with

I started reading my “notebook” again last night. It was such a blessing to go back and read from where our romance started. I laughed at how nervous and excited we seemed ( and every now and then I would read a line, cringe, and think ” did I really write that?!” ) I will always, ALWAYS, cherish this book, and the man who decided that we should have all of these memories at our fingertips so that at anytime we may go back and read through them together.

And like Rod said in the intro he wrote for me in the beginning of our book, ” Who knows? Maybe our kids will want to see what kind of crazy-in-love people their parents were one day”


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  1. AnnaRuth · · Reply

    I LOVE that he pulled them all together for you guys!! How romantic! And truly a precious thing for your future children to have! 🙂

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