Settling in

Hello all!

I can’t believe we haven’t updated since December!  Time has just flown by. Rod and I are now married, and moved into our new home. ( Well new for me, not quite for Rod…although the home does have a beautiful new paint job!)

Pics of the new home to come soon. I’m going to wait until all of my boxes are unpacked before I post them. I promise that will be soon 🙂

Right now Rod and I are just getting used to being married, and I’m getting used to living in a different state. Although, I think I’m learning my way around pretty quickly, and soon hopefully I’ll feel comfortable out driving by myself. Rod returned to work on Monday, and is enjoying getting back into his routine. I’m about to start looking for a job ( I’m taking a few days off to just set up the house, and relax, and bake haha) So if everyone could keep me in your prayers while I’m out looking for work, I would appreciate it!

One final note, Rod and I were going over our bills for the next month ( one of the times when the thought “I’m married” hit me). We had just come up with the total amount that we would need to cover my bills alone. Then we decided to count the money we had left over from the wedding, honeymoon, moving, etc. Once I had told Rod the total amount left over, he quickly pointed out that it was exactly the same amount as what was owed for my bills. It was amazing to see God show off, and to know that He was telling me that He was over our marriage ( even our finances). It was an awesome story, that Rod and I have been telling over and over again, and giving God the credit of course.

Here are a couple pics of our first week in our new home ( most of them were taken when I was home by myself, bored ;-))

This picture if for mom. To show her that we finally took him out of the car 😉

The flower display next to our tv. The vase came from the Chandler family, and my mom and sis helped me pick out the flowers.

Some oat cookies I made from the Pioneer Woman cookbook I received as a wedding gift. I added some chocolate chips, and took away some of the oats ( not as healthy, but sooo yummy) Rod loves them, and Mac wouldn’t stop sniffing the air while they were baking 🙂

My lazy puppy companion. The soccer ball next to him is the toy of choice for playing fetch

We’ll be updating again soon! ( Don’t worry, it will not be three months between posts) We love you all!!!




  1. Thanks for the update, love the pictures. =) I heard that story about the money situation, God is amazing!

    Love you!

  2. So glad we can keep up with you this way as well. Looks like you are settling in just fine. Loved hearing how God is already showing his faithfulness to you, obedience can be tough, but always pays off!(pun intended!)

  3. Hey guys! Like the blog 🙂 And that is awesome about the finances thing. I like hearing about God showing off. I’m glad to see that Norman is still kicking and not just on one foot. Miss you both, hope to see you in April 😀

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